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> I would agree. Look at Judith Butler, her studies of gender have shown how
> it is a social construction. This however wouldn't discount that there is a
> socially constructed gaze. A feminist may claim that it is intrinsic and
> due to certain traits, that analysis would more than likely be refuted with
> a Foudauldian lens, but the fact that there is gaze, would not.
> I think?
> andrew culp

Butler makes the distinction between cultural 'gender' and biological 'sex,'
but this still leaves questions unanswered. For example: feminists make a
value judgment on this repressed feminine sexuality, and obviously want it to be
'liberated.' I haven't yet read Foucault's "History of Sexuality," but from the
commentaries I've seen, it sounds like sexual behavior was isolated and
classified and codified in order that it be more easily controlled, be made more
productive. Following this line of logic, has not feminine sexuality been
constructed in order that it be subjected to the accompanying power relations? Is
there a feminine sexuality free from the discourse that remains to be liberated,
or is the notion of a unique 'feminine sexuality' a means of control in


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