RE: obscure Foucault questions

The Dreyfus/Rabinow book was published as Michel Foucault, un parcours
philosophique (Paris: Gallimard, 1984). Durand-Bogaert was the translator of
the volume as a whole... so it seems to make sense that the translations are
the same. Can't be more exact unless i had a copy of D/R in French to hand,
and they're not easy to find in the UK! ( has the pocket edition
for six euros... which is substantially cheaper than Dits et ecrits)

By the way, in regard to 'What is an author?', the version in Dits et ecrits
is a composite version, with the passages not read in Buffalo (ie The
Foucault Reader version) in brackets in the text. So this is a good place to
go for a comparative study. Thanks for pointing the difference out Nate.



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> > Ultimately though this is a text that was published in French in
> Foucault's
> > life (which negates the first sentence of my other post on this): the
> French
> > is therefore probably the definitive version.
> What a bombshell! Where was it published in French during Foucault's
> lifetime and are we sure that this is the same text as Dits et ecrits?

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