RE: obscure Foucault questions

Selon Stuart Elden <stuartelden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> The Dreyfus/Rabinow book was published as Michel Foucault, un parcours
> philosophique (Paris: Gallimard, 1984). Durand-Bogaert was the translator of
> the volume as a whole... so it seems to make sense that the translations are
> the same. Can't be more exact unless i had a copy of D/R in French to hand,
> and they're not easy to find in the UK! ( has the pocket edition
> for six euros... which is substantially cheaper than Dits et ecrits)
In the French version of D/R, it is specifid that Foucault wrote 'Le pouvoir,
comment s'exerce-t-il?' (Power, how does it operate?) in French. Also, versions
in DR and DetE are the same.

The first part seems to have been 'retouched' for a few words have been
substituted by others (like la seconde instead of la deuxieme) and a few
ponctuation marks added or erased... But it does not alter in any way the


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