Re: Foucualt and capital

I haven't read this book, but have seen it listed for sale on the web. You
might want to look at some of the author's other publications, listed on his

The following two in particular look like they might be on similar topic
"The Unknown masterpiece: Marx's model of capital". Cambridge Journal of
Economics. Volume 22, Number 3, May 1998, pp. 297-324.
"A Political Technology of the Body: How Labour is Organized into a
Productive Force". Critical Perspectives on Accounting. Vol. 9, No. 1,
February 1, 1998 pp. 99-136.

Blurb from Routledge catalogue:

Marx after Foucault
Richard Marsden,
Athabasca University, Canada

The synthesis of Marx and Foucault has
traditionally been seen within the social
sciences as deeply problematic. The author
overturns this received wisdom by subjecting
both thinkers to an original re-reading
through the lens of the philosophy of critical

The Nature of Capital overturns traditional
interpretations of Marx, presents an accessible
and comprehensive account of the development
of his model of capital and demonstrates its
ability to explain modern societies.

Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought
September 1999: 234x156: 288pp
Hb: 0-415-19861-5: £60.00

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> Hi,
> have any body on here, read the following book,
> The Nature of Capital : Marx After Foucault
> by Richard Marsden
> if so any thoughts on it?
> i cant find the book anywhere around me. try to get an idea.
> regards
> ali
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