The Arts Collective


(TAC Editorial No.1. October 2003)

"The Arts Collective stands for the release of the poet out of the
typist, the painter out of the handyman, the musician out of the
radio presenter, the activist out of the bureaucrat. Artistic
expression in a process of radical democratisation. Art in various
forms from song to sculpture, from commentary to critique, from
drawing to dance.

TAC attempts to bring the extraordinary out of the ordinary in a
burst of crative activism. We take the side of the progressive and
the voiceless in a firm stand against oppression.

TAC encourages people to create and recreate alternatives by utilising
their artistic potential as their form of expression.

Art as a common yearning. Art as a dream. A unique project, yet
within a situation or a system. A product that can become a producer.
An allusion to reality, yet an inspiration for change.

We are not alien from the context that we live in, and our expression
is one of hope, rebellion, radical democracy.

In the TAC website you can expect frequent updates. You are invited to
express yourself in the way you deem best, whether through articles,
photos, lyrics, stories, reviews, pictures or a simple quote. You
name it, you can do it. Get cracking and send your material to
art_tac@xxxxxxxxx "

Signed, The Collective

Silvan Agius
Mike Briguglio
Patrick Galea

The Arts Collective (TAC)

The Arts Collective is actively engaged for radical democratisation
through artistic expression. The Arts Collective takes the side of the
oppressed, the progressive and the voiceless.

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