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There's also a book by Roy Boyne which is almost on your very topic
(Foucault and Derrida's debate over Madness and Civilization). I think
it's simply called "Foucault and Derrida" or maybe "Derrida and Foucault"

At 08:25 AM 10/19/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Have you seen:
>Fleman, Shoshana, 1985, Writing and Madness, Cornell Press (Translated
>from French)
>"The belief in truth is precisely madness" Nietzsche
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>In 1976 Michale Foucualt said: ... terrorism ... has a totally opposite
>effect which is to make the bourgeois class even more closely attached to
>its ideology ... (original in French) 'Le Savoir Comme Crime'
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>>Subject: Help with a paper
>>Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 18:11:36 -0700 (PDT)
>>Hi, everyone,
>>I happened upon your discussion of Derrida and
>>Foucault's debate over Descartes' passage on madness.
>>I'm currently taking a class on French moral
>>philosophy, where we're reading, among others, these 3
>>writers, and I was just thinking about working on that
>>Since I haven't had a whole lot of exposure to
>>philosophy until recently, I always struggle for a
>>possible subject for my final papers - it seems to me
>>that nearly everything has been written and by much
>>better minds...
>>So, it was easy to say that I was going to work on
>>madness in those 3 writers, but what exactly am I
>>going to try to prove?
>>I'd appreciate any ideas as for what might be worth
>>exploring or any other possible help as for what
>>should the goal of a paper in a philosophy class be.
>>I do not necessarily have to work on madness at all,
>>so if you have other interesting ideas that have
>>nothing to do with it, they'd be greatly appreciated
>>as well - the readings we're doing include Seneque,
>>Montaigne, Bossuet, Turgot, Comte, Fourier, Satrtre,
>>Camus, and many others.
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