foucault and race

I have been reading foucault for about four months now and am more and more
impressed with the breadth and depth of his thinking. Oh I have just joined
this list by the way.

I am currently writing a PhD on racialised practices in a culturally diverse
setting and using genealogy, bio-power and other later stuff he wrote about
ethics and self so pretty much a broad sweep of his work.

a couple of things first if anyone knows of writings linking race to
Foucault I would be interested to get some references. I have read the Anne
Stoler book that really explains his use of race from History of sexuality
Vol I and 'Society must be defended' so am looking for other refs besides

secondly though I would be interested on people's thoughts about the
significance of his comments about race. He picked it up and dropped pretty
quickly I know a Foucault trait, but does this mean he was dismisisng his
earlier arguments? How significant is it in difference theory that he argued
that racial discourses preceded other discourse that repositioned mentally
ill, women ect.?

Margot Ford

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