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Hi Francisco,

>does anyone know of any articles that use f's notion of heterotopia,
>esp. in post-colonial or nationalist contexts? thanks in advance, fran

You can find a discussion of the heterotopia concept in:

FOUCAULT, Michel. 1994. "Des espaces autres." In _Dits et =E9crits_.
Paris: Gallimard, pp.752-62.

There is only a short passage about colonies:

"In certain cases, [colonies] played the role of heterotopia for the
organisation of the earth space. For instance, I think about the period
of the first wage of colonisation, at the XVII century, when the
Englishmen created Puritan societies in America, societies that was
absolutely perfect other spaces.
I also think about these extraordinary Jesuit colonies fonded in
South America: marvelous colonies where human perfection was effectively
accomplished. The Jesuits of Paraguay had established colonies where all
aspects of existence were regulated." [my (very litteral and inacurate)

At the best of my knowledge, this is the only occurence where Foucault
relates heterotopia directly to post-colonial or nationalist context,
but there is perhaps some scholarship on these topics.

I hope it helps.

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