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Hi Margaret,

Examples of what aspect of Foucault's work? The 'statement'? There is the rather enigmatic
example of the arrangement of letters on a french typewriter as they appear in a french typing

Or if you mean more generally, for the purposes of providing examples perhaps you could
indicate which part you are interested in? For example, the archeological period, the genealogical
period, or the technologies of the self period? Foucault's focus changed across his many works.
Some of his methods (ie 'eventalization') and interests (from Deleuze's reading, 'power')
remained in different forms throughout.


Quoting Margaret Robinson <margaret.robinson@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I'm finding the discussion of an English translation interesting and
> useful.
> One of the things that I find frustrating is the lack of examples,
> both in
> Foucault and in people writing about Foucault's work. Why is this? I
> find
> it difficult to apply some of these concepts with any confidence when
> I
> haven't seen it done through examples.
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