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That's funny. Here is a resource - this list - which could actually, perhaps, *provide* you with the examples you miss, if only you gave it enough specifics. But precisely to the list, you choose to talk about it "in very general terms". Seems rather quaint, no?


Glen wrote: "...for the purposes of providing examples perhaps you could
indicate which part you are interested in?"

List-wise, I meant it in very general terms; In the work I've read, I don't
find that Foucault convinces the reader of his view with argument and
example. Rather he states his view, and tosses in a smattering of
instances. In this way I find his writing style rather like Nietzsche. What
he says is intriguing, but I'm not always sure I've understood it correctly.

Personally, my interest is in technologies of the self. But perhaps I feel
comfortable with it precisely because he did use examples when discussing

Margaret Robinson
Doctoral candidate, University of Toronto

Currently working on my dissertation, "Turning Points in Identity: Bisexual
Women Choosing Between Monogamous and Polyamorous Relationships."


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