[Foucault-L] Foucault's Ethics

Dear Foucault List,

I have been asked to pick out some readings on Foucault's ethical
positions and to give a mini-presentation for a seminar that I am a part
of - Ethics in Development (in Archaeology and Anthropology). I thought
that I would suggest the following readings:

On the Genealogy of Ethics: an overview of work in progress

Preface to The History of Sexuality Volume Two

Kant?s What is Enlightenment

Foucault?s What is Enlightenment

The Ethics of the Concern of Self as a Practice of Freedom

But more importantly, I need to find more of a textbook-style explanation
of Foucault's ethics that distill his various positions into a cohesive
whole (I don't mean a system but rather something as all-inclusive of his
various positions as possible) for undergraduates who have no history
reading him. In other words, a sophisticated synopsis....

Do you know of anything I could use for this? A chapter out of a book, an
article, whatever...

Also, if you have other suggestions for primary source pieces that are
more essential to read I would love your input. Thanks a lot for your


Peter Mancina

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