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Hi peter, your post reminded me of a passage I recall
reading in 'Mental illness and psychology' which spoke
of the problem posed by a system of education which
presents children a picture of the adult world which
is free from its complications and conflicts, which
paints a false picture of its coherence and unity
(obviously for pedagogic purposes), thus deepening the
conflict between the world of children (protected
from) the world of adults (which they come into
conflict with). If I can find the passage I will post
it on this list serve- I dont think that it is
irrelevant in this context.

--- peter@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear Foucault List,
> I have been asked to pick out some readings on
> Foucault's ethical
> positions and to give a mini-presentation for a
> seminar that I am a part
> of - Ethics in Development (in Archaeology and
> Anthropology). I thought
> that I would suggest the following readings:
> On the Genealogy of Ethics: an overview of work in
> progress
> Preface to The History of Sexuality Volume Two
> Kant?s What is Enlightenment
> Foucault?s What is Enlightenment
> The Ethics of the Concern of Self as a Practice of
> Freedom
> But more importantly, I need to find more of a
> textbook-style explanation
> of Foucault's ethics that distill his various
> positions into a cohesive
> whole (I don't mean a system but rather something as
> all-inclusive of his
> various positions as possible) for undergraduates
> who have no history
> reading him. In other words, a sophisticated
> synopsis....
> Do you know of anything I could use for this? A
> chapter out of a book, an
> article, whatever...
> Also, if you have other suggestions for primary
> source pieces that are
> more essential to read I would love your input.
> Thanks a lot for your
> help!
> Sincerely,
> Peter Mancina
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