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I unfortunately cannot reply directly to the message because I just signed
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I would suggest look up an interview with Foucault entitled "Structuralism
and Post-Structuralism" (I read it in *The Essential Foucault: Selections
from Essential Works of Foucault, 1954-1984*. Edited by Paul Rabinow and
Nikolas Rose).
Looking again it seems to be only a short section of the interview (the
questions asked begins with "In any event..." at the bottom of p.89 in the
book I am reading.
He makes three points. First that he, among others, found in Nietzsche a way
of "displacing themselves in terms of a philosophical horizon dominated by
phenomenology and Marxism" Second that Nietzsche was interesting to him in
how he approached questions of truth (and that this relates mostly to "the
texts of around 1880"). And third, that coming across Nietzsche, after
having a classical philosophic education, lead to him saying "I won't do
what my contemporaries, colleagues, or professors are doing; I won't just
dismiss this."

I am very interested in this list now. I won't be able to look at this stuff
I am really interested in any of my university classes for at least another


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