[Foucault-L] Foucault and Music ( was Re: Introduction)

"From Singular to Plural Domains of Theological Knowledge: Toward a
Foucaultian New Question." In Michel Foucault and Theology: Essays on
the Politics of Religious Experience (ed. James Bernauer and Jeremy
Carrette; Ashgate Press, 2004)

In this chapter, Thomas Beaudoin brings in musicality as another form
of "organizing or constructing reality", "nonverbal domain of
knowledge" in order to apply Foucault's theory. He also talks about
theological pedagogy.


On Feb 7, 2008 9:56 AM, Roger Mantie <rmantie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello fellow Foucaultians. (Or is it Foucauldeans? Foucaudians? Being
> new to the list, perhaps this has already been established
> definitively).
> I'm currently a Ph.D. Candidate in music education at the University
> of Toronto. My dissertation examines issues of subjectivity and self-
> making, viewed from the standpoint of recreational music makers and
> the disciplinary practice of music education as it exists in the
> school system.
> While Foucault has found somewhat of a comfortable home within
> education generally, I am unaware of any work going on that uses
> Foucault in music or music education. Any thoughts, ideas, or
> suggestions would be most welcomed.
> I look forward to learning much from this email forum.
> Roger Mantie
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