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Dear Timothy

You are absolutely right, a lot of translations are unreliable.

I think that we must consider the Italian version <Coversazione> as the primary source. But it is a translation made by Trombadori of a French proto-text, as is said at the end of the text (p.84): (Il teste francese è stato tadotto da Ducio Trombadori).
Highly probably, the text edited in DE is that French proto text, because it is not mentioned as a translation on p. 6 of DE IV.

I have compared the Italian text with the French translation; the latter often rephrases and sometimes interpretes the Italian text in my opinion. Or is it the other way around?
for example: right at the end of the interview:(p 83):
?Sciò che è seccante nelle sicussioni ideologische è che si è necessariamente tracinati dal <modello della guerra>?
is in DE IV, (p. 95):
"Les discussions sur des sujets politiques sont parasitées par le modèle de la guerre"

and: p. 83-84:
?le dirò: questo <modella della guerra> lo trovo non solo un pò ridiculo, ma anche piuttosto pericoloso?
in DE this sentence is not translated.

In all interviews or reports of discussions the text is of course written by the interviewer, reporter, and (probably) approved by Foucault, I hope. Even the texts of the Cours are written by the editors.


machiel karskens


At 14:51 21-2-2008, you wrote:
Dear Kevin,
first of all, I should say that in my opinion the Semiotexte range of
translations of Foucault's interviews and writings are highly unreliable -
both in terms of the provenance of what they are translating and the quality
of the translations themselves. The "Remarks on Marx" is a good example of
If you want a reliable translation of the entire interview, then "Interview
with Michel Foucault" in "Power" is indeed the place to find it. The French
version is in DEIV, .41-95.
However, what has always puzzled me about this very important interview is
the status of the various publications - Trombadori conducted the interview
(presumably in French?) and then published it in Italian. Subsequently we
have an English translation (Semiotexte) - from the Italian, or from the
original French recording? And, a French translation (?) in DEIV. And then
another English translation (in "Power"), from the Italian (?). What I would
like to know, for example, is whether any of these translators, since
Trombadori, actually listened to the original recording, or read the
original transcript (in French?). Unfortunately none of the published
versions (as far as I can see) actually clarify this issue.
Timothy O'Leary

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 6:23 PM, M. Karskens <mkarskens@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> as far as I know <Remarks on Marx> is a
> translation of parts of the interview by
> Trombadori <Conversazione con Michel Foucault>
> , see Dits et Écrits no.281. I can help you with the original Italian
> text.
> also see the Lynch Bibliography (Michel Foucault's shorter works in
> English)
> yours
> machiel karskens
> At 18:28 20-2-2008, you wrote:
> >Can anybody tell me something about Remarks on
> >Marx published in 1991 by Semiotext(E).
> >
> >It seems to be out of print, and I was wondering
> >if parts or all of it had been published elsewhere.
> >
> >For example, is 'Interview with Michel Foucault'
> >in Power part or all of this text, or something else entirely?
> >
> >Thanks for your help in advance,
> >Kevin.
> >
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