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Hi again, Scott,

Of course, I know all of the books of Agamben translated/published in English. However that one was based on a lecture on "dispositif", entitled "Qu'est-ce qu'un dispositif?" which has been a special reading of governmentality and biopower.
I searched for it via internet however I only could find its French edition.

I hope it can be translated in english.

Thank you for your response.


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> Hi Isil,
> Agamben has published a number of books in the English speaking world but
> none
> of them are entitled "Governmentality." I was wondering if you might just
> confirm the title of the book to which you refer.
> thankyou
> Scott
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>> Hi Scott Nicholas,
>> I heard that Agamben had given a lecture about "governmentality" which has
>> been published in France as a little book. Unfortunately, I did not have
>> got
>> the book . Neverthelees, my PHdegree supervisor told that it is one of the
>> excellent book written on governmentality from the viewpoint of Foucault.
>> I am wondering about whether this book is translated to english or not.
>> By the way, I am researching the architectural issues as a political
>> technology of biopower by the concept / theory of governmentality for my
>> ph
>> degree thesis.
>> All responses are welcome.
>> Regards
>> Isil
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>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I am looking at Foucault's work on Governmentality this semester. My
>>> reading of his Governmentality lecture and other references within his
>>> 1978 lecture series "Security, Territory & Population" is that this
>>> analytic can be applied even when the prevailing political rationality
>>> changes, the state as a technology of government and its constituent
>>> elements (e.g., organising mechanisms,mix of private & public) changes,
>>> or
>>> indeed the technologies and practices of government change. In other
>>> words, because Governmentality's key features are the governance of
>>> individual conduct and management of population bio-issues(births,
>>> deaths,
>>> health etc), the ends continue to be the concern of government even when
>>> the means of achieving these ends (e.g., GDP growth) changes. In this
>>> sense, I am responding to a recent claim that Foucault was "the great
>>> theorist of Fordist Discipline"and is at risk of becoming depasse, by
>>> arguing among others things both that:(1) his Governmentality analytic!
>>> can accomodate epochal shifts from Fordism to Post-Fordism provided that
>>> the focus of government remains both the governance of individual conduct
>>> and the management of populations life issues (biopolitical concerns if
>>> you will); and (2) the Disciplinary society still exists.
>>> I am curious to know if anyone disagrees with this construal of the
>>> relevance of Governmentality?
>>> Any and all responses are welcome
>>> Scott Nicholas
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