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From memory Jason Read's book The Micro-Politics of Capital focuses on this aspect of Negri, and discusses Foucault too

He also published a paper on Negri and biopolitical production somewhere in Rethinking Marxism journal

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Maybe you can look for Negri's works. I don't know any exact place, but in their Empire(with Hardt) there is a part called 'Biopolitical production'. I guess that Negri does not position himself as Gramscian or neo-gramscian; he is more likely to be Foucaultian or Deleuzean. Or you can check the Italian Autonomist movement (especially 1968-1977) and their debates. Radical Thought in Italy can be an essential source for this movement. (Hardt, Virno, Lazzarato, Negri etc...)

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Subject: [Foucault-L] Foucault, intelligibility, social movements

hi all,

i'm looking for places where foucault (and foucault scholarship) takes
on the question of 'social movements' and/or 'collective action' (or
'politics' more generally), especially with respect to the question of
intelligibility. in other words: i'm trying to figure out how social
movements become intelligible, and ideally find some nuanced thinkers
on this question.

so far, laclau and mouffe and the theory of 'hegemony' is as far as
i've gone, but laclau positions himself as a gramscian, not a
foucauldian. on this note, does anyone know of specific debates
between foucauldians and gramscians on these questions?

any guidance on these questions would be much appreciated.

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