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Try the arts of self construction found in "The Politics of Truth", especially in 'What is Enlightenment?' The concept of transgression is important and writing as self construction. Try the end of the Rousseau article. Look at self construction as an aesthetic project.

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Hello again. It's been a while, but I was wondering if anyone knows if
Foucault wrote anything on the relation between aesthics and power? I am
writing a review on 'The Political Life of Sensation' by Panagia and it
would be a great help if I could add some more depth to my theory with
'sweet pea's' help. I understand aesthetics to be a broader conceptual
apparatus, that depending on the relation to which, we construct our
relationship towards the world through consciousness's interpretation of
it (i.e. representation). So, the work doesn't have to necessarily revolve
around the traditional conception of art, but if we could find something
that plays with it a bit would be absolutely brilliant.


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