[Foucault-L] CFP: Special Section on the History of House Numbering

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I thought the cfp below might be of interest to some spatially-oriented Foucauldians out there.


Reuben Rose-Redwood
University of Victoria

Call for Papers: Special Section on the History of Urban House Numbering for the journal, Urban History

addressing is one of the most basic strategies employed by governmental
authorities to tax, police, manage, and monitor the spatial whereabouts
of individuals within a population. Despite the central importance of
the street address as a political technology that sometimes met with
resistance, few scholars have examined the historical practice of street
addressing with respect to its broader social and political
implications. We would like to invite those scholars with an interest in
this subject to contribute to a peer-reviewed special section of the
journal, Urban History, that we
are organizing on the histories and
geographies of urban house numbering. Articles should be no more than
8,000 words in length, with a preliminary submission deadline of December 15, 2010.

Each paper submission will go through the journal's regular peer review process;
however, it will first be submitted to the special section organizers
(Reuben Rose-Redwood and Anton Tantner) for an initial screening prior
to peer review. We are particularly interested in showcasing recent work
that links the history of urban house numbering to broader debates
concerning the interrelations of space, knowledge, and power that have
animated contemporary discussions in the social sciences and humanities.
If you are interested in contributing to this special section, please
contact the special section organizers at your earliest convenience and
provide a very brief description of the proposed paper topic to be
submitted. We look forward to hearing from


Reuben Rose-Redwood, University of Victoria (redwood@xxxxxxx)

Anton Tantner, University of Vienna (anton.tantner@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Reuben S. Rose-Redwood, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
University of
Victoria, B.C., V8P 5C2, Canada

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