[Foucault-L] citation query


I'm currently tying up some loose ends on my thesis, and I've realized
that I don't have a particular citation for two items relevant to my
sections on Foucault. I'm hoping someone on here might be able to
point me in the right direction.

First, it's my impression that Foucault at one point acknowledged that
people living under the description "mental illness" may be suffering
in important respects, but that the reality or unreality of that fact
was largely irrelevant to his project. I seem to recall seeing this in
an interview, but don't recall where.

Second, in my notes, I have written that Colin Gordon responded
somewhere directly to one of Derrida's critiques of Foucault (perhaps
Derrida's "Cogito and the History of Madness"?), but again, I managed
not to record a citation.

I have only just subscribed to the list, and hope this sort of query
is not inappropriate. If either of these sound familiar to anyone, I'd
appreciate your thoughts.

Best regards,

Matthew Gambino

Matthew Gambino
PGY1, Dept of Psychiatry
Yale School of Medicine

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