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Regarding your two citations:

1.) I know of a book where Foucault is mentioned as having made that
clarifcation. Michel Foucault's Force of Flight: Towards and Ethics
for Thought by James Bernauer. That should have the cite.
2.) Colin Gordon made a brief but interesting reply to Derrida's
critique in his review of the recent translation of History of Madness
(see ndpr for a copy).

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 11:41 AM, Matthew Gambino
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> Hello,
> I'm currently tying up some loose ends on my thesis, and I've realized
> that I don't have a particular citation for two items relevant to my
> sections on Foucault. I'm hoping someone on here might be able to
> point me in the right direction.
> First, it's my impression that Foucault at one point acknowledged that
> people living under the description "mental illness" may be suffering
> in important respects, but that the reality or unreality of that fact
> was largely irrelevant to his project. I seem to recall seeing this in
> an interview, but don't recall where.
> Second, in my notes, I have written that Colin Gordon responded
> somewhere directly to one of Derrida's critiques of Foucault (perhaps
> Derrida's "Cogito and the History of Madness"?), but again, I managed
> not to record a citation.
> I have only just subscribed to the list, and hope this sort of query
> is not inappropriate. If either of these sound familiar to anyone, I'd
> appreciate your thoughts.
> Best regards,
> Matthew Gambino
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