[Foucault-L] pastoral power


I am currently writing a paper on Foucault's analysis of the role of pastoral power in the construction of modern power diagram(s) and I am puzzled about the following:

Are pastoral relations of power in Foucault's work (I have read "Security,Territory,Population" and "Omnes et singulatim") considered as

- something from which the modern State functioning of power relations directly evolved - in the sense that its raison d'etre, rationalization, techniques etc. were in a way transplanted, modified and transformed into the realm of "(bio)politics" - making it a sort of a historical a priori for reflections on the raison d'etat, Polizeiwissenchaft etc..


- was pastoral power the "individualizing" form of power which paralelly with the "centralizing" form of political power ultimately and combined into the modern/contemporary diagram of power relations..

I would be extremely grateful for any other clarification that is not covered above as well as directions to other texts by Foucault or any secondary literature dealing with this issue..

Many thanks and best regards, Goran

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