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three points
1 Anyone have any more information or possible documentary footage of last months/weeks or so of Michel foucault. As seen in documentary made before 2000 concerns and ideas were.
"Worthiest life is in a dark cell."
"Severe interest with brain scans"
"One thought to be power, derived from Nietzsche and Sade; looking for "one thought"
"profound interest in regression, tending to his idea of "if you mention the french revolution i will..."
"Reaching out in front of the camera making gestures with his hands towards the camera in effect "clasping or clawing.towards the camera"
2 Anyone to debate and or cooperate on the idea of "Immanuel Kant to have built the structure", as an academic semiotic in Antwerp stated this could not be easily denied.
Positions in that would be.
philosophical, evolution
Immanuel Kants first work concidering that "all the planets among all the stars are inhabited, and the ones that live furthest away are the best" which indicates an entirely different concept of what could be related to the subject object problem.
Parrellel evolution of a scrutiny and skepticism over authority of the visual world,
Destruction of the courts safe haven leading to. 
hysteria in elitism and aesthetic rule towards, fascism,
evolution of romantic into symbolist decadentism
desintegration of decorative forms towards minimalism, conceptualism,
desintegration of academic allegoric into expressionism impressionism
desintegration of mythic ideal and academic notions into "aliens, deformation, cartoons"
transormation of the artist into the benign in contempt of mankind, the idea of horror zombies, after which the popular produce then even deallegorizes the notion of horror and zombies in turn. leaving not much other option then well, the concept of "metal" after that ever more agressive metal, and well, a completion of this evolution of solipsims on all accounts, along with a completely filled up world.
the ailing of sensory defining, allegoric ideas, advancing intellect opposed to analysing intellect, archeology, restoration, souvenirs, observation.
The solipsism of industrial heraldics. Complete standstill of any neoclassical initiative, casting of basketballplayers in bronze, which has serious indescrepanties, apart from the idea to depict Napoleon as  a Greek God has indescrepanties, depicting even Julius Caeser as a Greek God as they did to Napoleon would make him look reasonably rediculous. The measure and taste of a thousand years in humans is more or less the same, the only thing is the belief in one or the other being more solid, which in turn today it is apparant the irony or ridicule of the natural or artisan visual world is actually preferred. still a human being has fingers, meticulous senses, notion of balance, ability to rotate or long hours of inspired work, buttons in a factory do not as such identify these qualities, genius, skill.  To define produce or use, business model is to idealize a system, if you just have large ateliers and have people in it and have them read myth or
very visual books, they figure it out themselves, usually not making a charicature of reality. which in essence has happened over the past 200 years and in every essential discourse, toilets, chicken farms, detergants, etc. (also concider the urinal of Duchamp was a mass produce urinal, in case he used a marble and genuinly more profound square or classic minimal urinal the irony would have been far less radical, the smurphish construction of the modern urinals of course was highly appealing to the irony loving that soon came behind. I wish to actually reverse that some time.) 
desintegration of artisan reality towards idea based and gimmick based goods. Technology and novelty hysteria, dismembering sensory bound farm and artisan life, growing opposition and anguish within the debate in John Ruskin, weakoning of sensory complete life or farming and art as personal life bound within the "portrayal". this potrayal living itself as still flurishing in 19th century as yet showing a slow descent towards the actual living as subject and defining of the subject to "consume" old use of the modernist flats as "living quarters" or dutch "kazernes" referring to military living.  Of course Hegel towars communism as the rational solution for the greatest good of subjects. Opposed to Schopenhauer elitarian redemption in arts. THis in turn leading to the evolution pessimists. Alfred Kubin, franz Kafka. Who'm Kubin also has a line towards the dream apocalypses or dream distopias, much as have evovled into films and concepts everywhere as
clearly seen in Dark City, Matrix, etc.
study could imply, posting of philosophers on a framework of a sort of nuclear bomb of perception, seeing philosophers more as a framework rather then as they concider now, the body of work of a philosopher to be more relevant then the philosopher as a body of work of the subject object problem.    
posting of imagination on such a framework, from 1800 to now, (as possibly can be done on walls of three, five or seven metres high on seven, ten, or twelve metres long,... Even in conceptual art various lines can be established, traumata and freudian deformation or complexes, simple amoebe or bacterial forms, cynico sarcastic anti society art. Of course the severe denial of the human figure within the notion of modern art is present in highest degree, Nevertheless the concideration of the mythical or fantastic is depleted of allegory or of implications on nature or life.
Further threads of course can be discussed and observed in abundance concidering the main lines. classification of such new threads in modernism as "leasure existentialism" or "ironic existentialism" evolution of satire in comedy central for instance mainly is undermining the notion of democratic power, any credibility is succumbing, for this one needs to devise a practical plan.
-Analysis nor ideology will bring any more result (as hopelessly divided or even impossibly specified today) the only way is to figure out where mankind has to build the walls, if one finds a commitee for that, independant from politics, one can have the power, concidering the whole world will have no choice, since they have, now, actually, nothing.
-Mainly i concider the schizophrenia of such ideas as kitsh and fantasy opposed to the minimal and conceptual, the idea in itself, as the barren cadavre of the idea in conceptual art, and natural or aesthetic and spiritual in itself, both of which seem as large species today living in very different worlds. or for that matter create a verydiffuse conceptual spiritualism as Zeitgeist or others.
besides that the absence of a king to say 'get me gold from Mars" will leave it very awkward for any civilisation to actually go anywhere at all but to consume the planet playing computer games and building train station after train station looking more and more as if they were biospheres every day of which some actually and severely do concider those things better be built on Mars and Moon by this time. Whereas they concider space technology has many offspins such as grand amusement parks i would start to concider maybe it was better it not be WASTED on all the consumers (airplanes back and forth, computer games in stead of navigation etc) and actually some of it was still, under the great labour of men, to be invested in gaining on the deserts, rather then the deserts gaining on US?! The idea that without the intelligence and some serious concideration of the planets resources and sound strategy members of this discourse should be developing. nobody
else will?! We will be apart of the Easter Island syndrom cutting all the trees and decay into cannibalism, and having forgotten to save some ships for the mainland, which by all accounts, is not this island called earth.
Besides that we can concider the body mass of cathedrals and equate that to villages or main cities, and in turn equate that to modern movie theatres entertainment and souvenirs, in this equation we would have the balance or actual part of society that is defined by ideology, prophets, arts in itself, or subject of PURE aesthetics, which of course now is, Kantian indifference.
Implications of this, i use it myself to concider a readressing of various if not all previous art styles, deco, surrealism, symbolism, art nouveau, impressionism, expressionism, and effectivaly calculate them and subtract with them, to create new initiatives and designs but from 200 years back, not from current time, decaying to nihil. It does NOT mean i am a progress denier, this is one choice one could concider i imagine. But with it i concider you could have art deco or art nouveau spaceships, (much like there is already an art nouveau solar panel spaceship here in antwerp called a court of law)
a study of these ideas could also instigate you to compose supermarkets with two extra floors being a large winter garden with fresh products being delivered just below. Therapeutic efforts in psychiatry would lead from solipsist "taking away of affects" with either isolation or drugs into opposite means or artisification in any way. Since i do presume evolution of all this means making it all bigger and well, making it much more apparant then it already was. And that is implying that it does n't work, which is clear for everyone to see. the idea in any case for an aquisition as plastic bag, to be first a sign of a frivolous decadence, leading then to an existentialism, leading to a giant plastic soup in the ocean, and now leading to ecology or green parties is somehow an opposite reality of the actual reality. By all means i think people who use this forum having lived among many people do concider that the only ones to have right to use the plastic bag
by now should be the inventor of plastic. Or as Breton said, "If you did n't want to shoot with a machine gun into the crowd, one is likely himself part of that crowd."
Maybe this tool can help to deconstruct modern debasement and instruct as recreate,
There is a site being made for actually harnassing all practical ideas and reprogram the world.
as a database for all passed arts depicted with the projejction of the actual revolution with perception, modernity, subjectified or masses, the anonymous, industry. etc..
this method as structuralism means to assimilate form, myth, expression, and define it along patterns, with the authority of what was done, in stead of with the relativity of what is the future or your own subjective confinement. and means not to imply simply to read the classics and become academics, but for the Love of anything please do not evolve from one person out of the past twohundred years to another isolated figure and actually reassemble things by seeing the main construct, it appears in few schools they will actually see this. In more then a few schools old concepts as conceptual art and minimalism are turning into religions. It is a very convenient life of little renewal of observations and or passions over there.
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