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In D & P Foucault talks about the beginnings of discipline in class instruction in the later medieval period.

I have given some thought to sovereign and disciplinary power in psychiatry, especially as compulsory treatment in the community (more like disciplinary power) has replaced the asylum (more like sovereign power). This is not, of course, a simple dichotomy, as there is not a simple dichotomy between sovereign and disciplinary power. But in reviewing this, I think the whole psychiatric enterprise is disciplinary as bio-power and normalising judgement have become the order of the day. In this context, and bearing mind Foucault's genealogical/archaeological method, sovereign power helps us understand how we got here, but is of less importance than the normalising disciplinary power represented by psychiatry.


Tony O'Brien

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I would add that I don't think (or Foucault) thought that there is ever a
situation where we leave one model of power for another. That is not to say
that one model is not more dominant than another - but that the sovereign,
disciplinary, security, control etc; all exists n different mixes at
different times and places


On 25 January 2012 03:27, Rodrigo Pennesi <hohodrigo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> dear Kevin,
> In Security, Territory, Population Foucault says that the disciplinary
> mecanism, called modern, begins in the XVIII century, but the
> contemporary mecanism is the security.
> He raises two points, one is the question that in our societies the
> general economy of power is becoming of the order of security; and the
> possibility that we are seeing the birth of a security society.
> The fact that we are seeing the birth of a security society could
> indicate that we are leaving the disciplinary society, but Foucault
> does not say that, at least not that I'm aware of.
> Regards,
> Rodrigo.
> 2012/1/24 Kevin Turner <kevin.turner@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > Dear Foucault listers,
> >
> > Did Foucault ever actually state anywhere that "we live in a
> disciplinary society" or is this another instance of secondary commentary
> getting attributed back to Foucault?
> >
> > I have searched through all the relevant texts and can find no instance
> of him having said this.
> >
> > There are a number of instances - in Psychiatric Power (p. 66), Society
> Must be Defended (p. 253), Discipline and Punish (p. 216), The Birth of
> Biopolitics (p. 259), for example - where he uses the phrase "disciplinary
> society," but in all these instances, he seems to be referring to the time
> and place under discussion in each respective study, not the present.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Kevin.
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