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I second the recommendation of Jason's book.

See also the work of Mark Kelly.

The question of the relations between authorial intent and the effects of a work come into play here. See Warren Montag's various writings on Foucault.

On 06/02/2012, at 6:42 AM, joshua j. kurz wrote:

> Jason Read. 2003. The Micro-politics of Capital: Marx and the Prehistory of
> the Present.
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> On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 2:47 PM, Chathan Vemuri <aryavartacnsrn@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> I've asked some people I know with expertise on the matter but thought
>> I'd get a better range of responses here. Me and some Marxist friends
>> were discussing the Power and Strategies interview where Foucault
>> talks about the Gulag. My friends felt he was creating a straw man by
>> suggesting Marxism and Leninism be examined in light of the reality of
>> the Gulag. They went to further to castigate Foucault for
>> inadvertently being in theoretical alliance with liberal thought that
>> only further ignored the necessary critique of capitalism. While I
>> think they are right about Power and Strategies, I'm not sure if the
>> other argument follows. Indeed it seems to be a common theme in
>> Marx-Foucault comparisons. Foucauldians, on the other hand, feel no
>> guilt in writing off Marxists as intellectual dinosaurs who have at
>> best contributed to failed political killing machines (Stalin, Mao,
>> Che). Does anyone on here know of some good arguments or even books
>> that go beyond these useless exchanges? I personally feel there's a
>> certain kinship between the two thinkers in terms of subjectiviation,
>> power relations, concern with historicization. And how would one
>> respond to such pointless jabs to begin with. I wasn't convinced of
>> Foucault's neat link between Marx and Soviet repression but I hardly
>> think that his critique is akin to a liberal philosophy of the state.
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