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Thank you Kevin!

I was wondering recently about the relationship Foucault had (especially later in his life ) to certain developments in the Western Marxist thought. Questions about parrhesia- the truth telling in speech, and strategic and tactical language of the left, come up often for me these days. Frankfurt school seems in some ways closer to Foucault' s concerns. I see that Marcuse is mentioned. Also, the contested area with the political imprints of the phenomenological wave, together with Cartesian favoring of the logical reason but also of the thought consciousness which is indispensable in structuring perception through language, needed some clarification in terms of the history of thought systems (grandiose narratives and intricate genealogical pathways)

This was a great and pertinent reading.

Highly recommended for everyone who has time.


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> Subject: [Foucault-L] Interview with Michel Foucault
> Just came across this ( in the new edition of Foucault Studies.
> It's an interview with Foucault conducted by Colin Gordon and Paul Patton.
> The title is "Considerations on Marxism, Phenomenology and Power. Interview with Michel Foucault; Recorded on April 3rd, 1978," and it's a must read.
> All the best,
> Kevin.
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