Re: discipline and punish

Yeah, this is always a hidden angst for those on the left. Can you
imagine, say, Bakunin or Emma Goldman suddenly reincarnated and faced
with leftists organizing with *priests*?!?!

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On Sat, 10 Sep 1994, Rafael A. Acuna wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Sep 1994 NDEOLIVE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > ashes. No wonder Nietzsche unmasks Christianity as the great pia fraus
> > (pious lie) of Western civilization (after all, both slavery and the
> > conquest of no-man's lands were backed by Christian institutions), just
> > as Foucault incisively drew the analogy between catechism and the subjec-
> > tivation of modern citizens: one has to be ready to kill and die (rather
> > kill than die!) in the name of truth. It is understandable that the 3 axes
> > (truth/power/ethics) that define the domains that make a genealogy of
> Of course, it's unusual that today some aspects of Christianity, notably
> liberation theology, are challenging so-called "democratic" policies
> often enforced by industrialized nations on postcolonies.
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