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>Two general Foucault books I have found to be excellent resources are
>both almost brand new. They are:

>_The Lives Of Michel Foucault_, a biography by David Macey, 1993. I
>don't think this book is available in paperback yet.


>_The Cambridge Companion To Foucault_, edited by Gary Gutting, 1994.
>This book was excellent, and I am finding it to be an invaluable resource
>to understanding Foucault.

>Also, Foucault seemed to always be the best at explaining Foucault. So
>anytime you can acquire a book with some of his interviews, do so.
>Titles by Foucault include _Language, Counter-Memory, Practice_,
>_Power/Knowledge_, _Politics, Philosophy, Culture_, and the _Foucault
>Reader_ edited by Paul Rabinow.

There is a newly published book called "A Foucault Primer; Discourse, power
and the subject" by Alec McHoul and Wendy GracePublished by Melbourne
University Press, which may also be of interest.
Regards Tom

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