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Call for Papers:

PIERRE BOURDIEU: Fieldwork in Art, Literature and Culture.

Fourth Annual Conference of the Graduate Program in Literature.
Duke University
April 21-22, 1995.

We encourage submissions, paper proposals (3 copies @ 500 words) and panel
proposals dealing with the work of Pierre Bourdieu, especially with respect:
the study, analysis and interpretation of specific works, genres and periods
of art, literature and other forms of cultural production; the examination
of the fields of literary, cultural and artistic production; the exploration
of contemporary society more generally; and the relationships of any of the
above to academic discourse and scholarship. Please submit by January 6, 1995.

Send submissions/For more information:
Nicholas Brown/Imre Szeman
Conference Organizers
Graduate Program in Literature
Duke University
104 Art Museum, Box 90670
Durham, NC 27708-0670
Tel: (919) 956-7511
Fax: (919) 684-3598
E-Mail: cola@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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