Re: Foucault List Update (Everyone Please Read)

>Out of curiosity, does anyone know how this immense international system
>called the internet is funded? I had heard once that there was actually
>military funding involved, though that could be entirely wrong. (this is
>not meant to bring up some 'ethical' debate over the parties that finance
>this system, it's just curiosity.)

Originally, the Defense Department played a major role in funding the
internet. In fact, the internet was developed in order to provide a
communications network so decentralized that it would survive a nuclear
attack (internet as rhizome?). In past years however the government has
been paying less and less, and, I think, the cost is spead out to all the
institutions that use the net (each has to pay for its internet feed, Point
of Presence, etc.) All of this info from my recollection of Reilly's
_Whole Internet_ and such books.

Harrison Brace
Stanford, Department of Comparative Literature

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