Re: Pipe

i dont entirelyk agree that baudrillard would be the best reference for
a course in pomo media studies, but if so, then i should think that his
_Simulacra and Simulation_ would be the single best reference. poster's
_Mode of Information_ might be useful in a general way, as you suggest.

there's some electronic media analysis in Oscar Gandy's _Panoptic Sort_
and also in David Lyon's _Electronic Eye_ though these are more directed
towards computing than toward television. Said's _Orientalism_ of course has
inspired a number of media-oriented (sorry) successors, and he is
certainly foucauldian. There's a new book out by Hamid Naficy called
_Otherness and the Media_ which seems to fit the bill, as well as O'Barr's
book on advertising (dont remember the title) just published last year.
there's also some good stuff on the Gulf War by Susan Jeffords, Doug
Kellner, and a variety of other folk.


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