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><from Kristin Switala>
>Dear Lynne,
> You asked about references which connect Foucault and the media.
>Well, the poststructuralist you need to examine specifically is Jean
>Baudrillard. He is the postmodern media man! The book to start with is
>JEAN BAUDRILLARD: SELECTED WRITINGS, edited by Mark Poster. Poster has
>written numerous articles about Baudrillard (and Foucault), but from a
>Marxist perspective (which lends an interesting twist). Anyway,
>Baudrillard addresses all different aspects of media and its effects on
>postmodern society. It's fascinating (albeit difficult) stuff and I
>highly recommend it.
> Foucault on media is a more difficult question. I'll have to
>look at my files. I'll get back to you ASAP.
>Kristin Switala
>Email: kswitala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hi Kristin,

Thanks for your swift reply. I already teach Baudrillard ( and Debord). B
is one of my personal favourites although I admit that i fisrst studied him
in Sociology and last year the main part of the Media Studies majors did
found him difficult. Maybe suggests an unconscious depth of realist
attachment despite their training to see everything in the media as
deliberately composed ... Those with a theoretical bent liked Baudrillard
a lot and used the ideas creatively. This prograsmme is relatively young
and i am recently arrived here. I think that as we introduce these French
poststructuralist writers lower down the curriculum the students will get
better at hyperreality, spectacle, discourse etc.

Right now it is the F Question which is more difficult and I'd love any

thanks for your attention

Lynne Star


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