Foucault and Chaucer

I am currently working on a project which entails posing Robertsonian and
Foucauldian interpretations of Chaucer's works against each other. I think
it is interesting to apply Foucauldian concepts of power, homogenization,
networks, etc. to some of the Tales in _The Canterbury Tales_. Currently, I
am assessing the role of Walter in The "Clerk's Tale." I am wondering if
anyone out there is working on a similar project, or can offer advice on how
to apply Foucault to Chaucer. If someone out there needs a list of books I
have used, try these:

Peggy Knapp. _Chaucer and the Social Contest_
Jerry Root. "Space to Speke"
Lee Patterson. _Chaucer and the Subject of History_
Anne Bartlett. _Foucault's 'Medievalism'"
H. Marshall Leicester Jr.. _The Disenchanted Self: Representing the Subject
in the Canterbury Tales_
Allen Frantzen _Desire for Origins_
Gregory Stone _The Death of the Troubadour_

Basically what I'm trying to do is analyze power relations in the literature.
I'd appreciate any such help!

Thank you,
Geoffrey Blum
Virginia Military Institute


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