foucault quote

In *Representations of the Intellectual* (1994), Edward Said writes that
intellectuals don't have to be "humorless complainers." "Witnessing a sorry state of affairs when one is not in power is by no means a monotonous
monochromatic activity. It involves what Foucault once called a "relentless
erudition," scouring alternative sources, exhuming buried documents" etc.
Does anyone on this program know where the phrase relentless erudition
orginated (work and page #).

Secondly, would someone mind sharing a list of articles or works for the
Foucault novice? Something that would give me a firm foundation into
Foucault's theories and ideas? I do a lot of work with the intellectual
and power and though I have read foucault, I don't feel that x
I am on firm
footing with his work.
Thank you.
L. willis


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