RE: Foucault, Normalization, and Economics

a couple of (minor) leads vis-a-vis Foucault and the economy of abundance:

1. Jackson Lears' book _Fables of Abundance_ occasionally refers to
Foucault, and has a useful biblio on notions of abundance in the
American economy.

2. Peter Miller is an accountant who writes occasional articles on
the relevance of accounting to Foucauldian perspectives. Miller
has just published a collection of articles with Anthony Hopwood
as sr editor. dont remember the exact title, but it's something
like _Accounting: Social and Institutional Contexts_ and came out
in 1994.

there's also some stuff on Victorian ideas about abundance, such as
Lori Loeb's _Consuming Angels_ (1994) Lipovetsky's _Empire of Fashion_
but the relationship to Foucault is even more tangential.


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