Re: Re: New To List

Gregorio Kaminsky points out some interesting aspects of a possible
Foucaldian analysis of the logics of capitalist markets in their function
in constituting discourses and disseminating objects of analysis (I think)...

I'm curious to know: why didn't foucault develop such an analysis of the
the culture industry in capitalist societies (in the manner of Horkheimer
and Adorno's analysis in, for example, dialectic of Enlightenment).

"Sam's department secretary is a kind of a panoptical
police": One of the most common mistakes made in an analysis of police
practices is the assumption of an overarching logic, a brutal rationality
in the exercise of police violence in the enforcememnt of class
interest. I assure this secretary is quite mad, and incapable of
grasping ANY possible instrumental connection between an interest and her
own arbitrary exercise of power. Yet she polices, there is not doubt. and
more than that, she sets the terms for conformity and transgression: if
you want a reasearch assistantship, ask her about her photography. IN
this way she a priori constitutes the object of her own policing

Were she a market manager/clerk/stock taker/cashier etc., her
haphazard exercise of power would introduce the same radical contingency
into the taxonomies of the consumer categories that Foucault analyses in
the discourses of knowledge.



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