Re: Camille Paglia

I can't access the newspaper index past 1992 on-line, but this came up when
I ran a search on the expanded academic index (which covers NYTBR):

Source: The New York Times Book Review, May 5, 1991 p1 44 col in.

Title: Ninnies, pedants, tyrants and other academics. (Camille Paglia's
essay on college professors from the 60s) (Cover Story)

Subjects: Nineteen-sixties decade - Criticism, interpretation, etc.
College teachers - Criticism, interpretation, etc.
People: Paglia, Camille - Addresses, essays, lectures
Lacan, Jacques - Influence
Derrida, Jacques - Influence
Foucault, Michel - Influence
Brown, Norman O. - Criticism, interpretation, etc.


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