Re: Camille Paglia

Nathan wrote:

>I asked this question a long time ago and got no reply, but perhaps someone on
>the list now will know the answer. Does anyone remember a Camille Paglia
>article which I'm almost certain was in the NY Times, circa December 1991
>or so,
>which was perhaps the most irresponsible "critique" of
>postmodern/post-structuralist thought to ever issue forth from anyone? Anyone
>who read the piece would, I am sure, remember it. It contained some little bit
>about Camille's dear uncle being shot up on the beaches of Normandy fighting to
>free France, and now look at what those Frenchies have done to us.

I think that what you're refering to is the article I'm asking about. The
quote (short) goes like this:

_Of *course* the French felt decentred [after WW2]: they'd just been
crushed by Germany. American G.I.'s (including my uncles) got shot up
rescuing France when she was lying flat on her face under the Nazi boot.
Hence it is revolting to see pampered American academics going down on
their knees kissing French bums._

Which is indeed fairly representative of Paglia's anti-Gallic chauvinism.
The Welsh, on the other hand, she seems to quite like.

Thanks for the responses to my earlier posting.



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