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On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, Dennis P. Tyler wrote:

> Hello.
> I'm new to the Internet, this list, and outside of an essay or two, to
> Foucault as well. I joined this list in the hope of eavesdropping for a
> bit before commenting, but I don't seem to be receiving anything. Is
> anyone out there? If so, I could use some advice on the best way to
> approach Foucault's work. Are there any texts that are more accessible
> to a novice? Any suggestions on secondary material that provides a
> good overview? Thanks in advance.
> dennis
Dear Denis - There are people out here.
As to getting into Foucault - I suggest you leave the secondary texts
until later, they often assume you know quite a lot about Foucault's work
already. Of his stuff - Disciplin and Punish is a riveting read, followed
by The History of Sexuality Vol. 1. - I'd also suggest, the Subject and
Power in "Michel Foucault: Beyond Hermenutics and Structuralism" (which
is a great little essay on Power". You should try and dig into some
interviews too - The Foucault Reader (ed. Rabinow) is pretty good. Once
you get going you should also deal with The Archeaology of Knowledge (not
an easy text to leap straight into). On his later works there are some
good time saving essays in "Technologies of the Self: A Seminar with
Michel Foucault" and in "The Final Foucault" (can't remeber the editor).
On secondary texts, I always like to push Judith Butler - she has
sections on Foucault in "Gender Trouble" (Routledge:1990) and "Bodies
that Matter" (Routledge:1993).

Hope this is enough ----



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