Dear collegues,

since 2 month I have been observing the subjects that were
discussed within the Foucault-circle. I noticed that there is (at the
moment) less
interest in Foucault's early philosophy, more exactly, in his early
PHENOMENOLOGICAL periode. Since I am mostly concerned with
phenomenology, preferably French phenomenology, I am interested if
there is someone who is as well interested in Foucault's
phenomenological periode, and who might be able to help me with some
very special hints on special secondary literature (beside
Rabinow/Dreyfus for example)
that focusses on phenomenology in the field of Foucault's philosophy. I
think there is much more phenomenology (for example avec le notion of
experience) in Foucault as most of the Foucault-readers do recognize,
even in his later periodes. I would like to come into contact with those,
who are interested in the mentioned subject and who made good
experiences with interesting books or articles.

I am a young lecturer at the University of Vienna, preferably reading
phenomenology and Merleau-Ponty, trying to learn about the influences
(or relations) of phenomenology to other disciplines (Feminist
Theory, Psychoanalysis, Postmodernism etc.). In 1993 I founded a
society together with other younger philosophers, students, graduates,
called "Gruppe Ph=E4nomenologie", who meets regularly, once a month,
discussing special issues in the field of phenomenology, French
phenomenology, and closing issues. There are also some of us, who are
interested in Foucault. Unfortunately, they are not used to work with
e-mail or internet.

I would be very glad to hear from you. Sincerely, Silvia Stoller

Dr. Silvia Stoller
Oeverseestrasse 35/2
A-1150 Wien silvia.stoller@xxxxxxxxxxxx
AUSTRIA Tel./Fax (+43 1) 9853977



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