Re: What is an Author?? OR WHAT AUTHORS?


something i like a lot is Francis Barker's Tremulous Private Body. I read
it now 10-12 years ago, so my reading of it today might not be as positive.
Although it is a book --- a short and difficult book-length essay -- there
might be some sections/chapters that could be used. The last part is about
how the cartesian split gets painted into the scene of the (17thcent?) dutch
surgical operation (sorry for my ignorance here; its a famous painting) and
related issues. he brings the discussion at the end of the analysis to a
problem that foucault raised in vol.1, hist. of sex. about biopower,
subjectivity and resistence. etc.

the middle part has an anlysis of samual pepys' diary that does an
interesting analysis of how the individaul writes the self as a privatized,
individualized subjet. Oh YEs! and then there is a section on the
pre/modernity of shakespeare

Perhaps, its not canonical, but i always liked it. further, i have never
read any responses to it. if someone knows of this work and of critical
responses, I would like to hear of them. thanks in advance.

good luck,

[p.s. Timo, do you know a Tom that does tourism studies there at Jyvaskla?
if so can you pass me his email address or mine to him, whichever is
convenient? thanks. Also i suspect that you do know Eeva Jokinen? if so,
s+end a very warm hello, please. thanks again.]

>I'm editing with some of my colleagues an anthology of translations of some
>basic texts concerning subjectivity and literary studies. One of those
>texts is Foucault's "What is an Author?" essay.
>We'd like to include in the anthology a good reading of the essay from the
>point of view of literary, feminist, or new historicist studies. Any
>Thanks in advance,
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