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On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Andrew Neil Rubin wrote:

> Can anyone advise me where, aside from The History of Sexuality, vol. 1,
> Foucault refers to this concept of "biopower"?
> andrew
A good quatation about bioPOLITICS by Foucault is in "The political
Technology of Individuals" (Technologies of the Self, London 1988) s.160.
Where he speaks about the emersion of "police", "polizei" and "politik"

"We can say now that the true object of the police becomes, at the end of
the eighteenth century, the population; or in other words, the state has
essentially to take care of men as a population. It wields its power over
living beings as living beings, and its politics, therfore, has to be
BIOPOLITICS. Since the population is nothing more than what the
state takes care of for its own sake, of course, the state is entitled to
slaughter it, if necessary. So the reverse of biopolitics is

...which reminds me somehow about the book: "The Social History of

Tapio Onnela
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