Re: Foucault and journalism

>What about the joint interview with Noam Chomsky. I saw a clip of it in
>the movie on Chomsky. I know that there isa transcript of the interview;
>I have it tucked away somewhere. I'll try and dig it up, but maybe
>someone is familiar enough with it to report on whether Foucault touched
>on the issue. Does anyone on the list have any opinions on the failure
>of Chomsky and Foucault to join forces?
>Antoine Goulem

The interview - actually, a kind of debate - to which you refer was done as
part of a series of 4 such debates produced for and broadcast by Dutch
television in 1971 (including AJ Ayer & Arne Naess, John Eccles & Karl
Popper, Chomsky & Foucault, and Leszek Kolakowski & Henri Lefebvre.) All
the debates are collected in a book edited by Fons Elders, entitled
"Reflexive Water: The Basic Concerns of Mankind (London: Souvenir Press,
1974). The Foucault / Chomsky debate centers on the question of 'human
nature: justice vs. power.' Interesting as it is, it doesn't really touch
on the issue in question here.



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