> PARIS (AP) -- Prominent French philosopher, writer and university
>professor Gilles Deleuze committed suicide by leaping from the
>window of his Paris apartment, his family said Sunday.
> Deleuze, whom French philosopher Michel Foucault once called
>``the only philosophical mind in France,'' died Saturday. He was
> The author of one of the world's best selling philosophy books,
>``The Anti-Oedipus,'' had suffered for years from a serious
>respiratory illness and recently underwent a tracheotomy.
> Deleuze was born in 1925 into a conservative Paris family, but
>spent his life as a leftist and considered himself almost
>militantly so. He became a familiar figure in the city's bohemian
>Latin Quarter, his trademark felt hat cocked at a rakish angle.
> Deleuze began his academic life in 1955 as a teaching assistant
>at the Sorbonne and taught later at the university at Vincennes,
>retiring in 1987.
> In 1972, he and longtime friend Felix Guattari published ``The
>Anti-Oedipus,'' a scathing look at the concepts and
>``schizo-analysis'' of Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein.
> In 1993, he published ``Critic and Clinic,'' in which he
>explored the works of Herman Melville and Lewis Carroll, among
> Throughout his long career, Deleuze refused to appear on
>television, but he agreed earlier this year to develop a
>philosophy-oriented program for France's arts-oriented Arte
> Details on Deleuze's survivors were not immediately available.


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