intro to F

I agree that the interviews are the best place to start, as far as the primary
lit goes. And then I think the easiest book is Birth of the Clinic. Then
there are also the very well chosen articles (some are interviews) in the first
section of Paul Rabinow's anthology - along with his introduction, which is not
for freshmen, but not especially for experts either, and is certainly one of
the best introductory secondary sources, I believe. That way you get at least
half of the Rab-Dreyfus team, and you don't have to take on such an advanced
work as their book right away. I too should think the Discourse on Language is
too advanced. Dreyfus told me he sweated bullets (not his exact wording)
writing up F's phil of language for his and Rab's book.

Bill Peck
Reed C


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