Re: immanence

On Fri, 26 Jan 1996, Erik D Lindberg wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I'm doing some thinking on the idea of immanence (in continental
> philosophy and criticisms) in a general sense, though especially with
> regard to its cultural and historical origins, development, and
> "usefulness."
> Does anyone know of books or articles that isolate and investigate
> immanence? Are there any archeaologies or geneaologies of immanence?
> Thanks in advance,
> Erik
> Erik D. Lindberg
> Dept. of English and Comparative Lit.
> University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
> Milwaukee, WI 53211
> email: edl@xxxxxxxxxxx

Perhaps you are already familiar with Frank Kermode's _The Sense of an
Ending_? It has dated a bit, and Kermode wrote a revision piece the title
of which escapes me at the moment. Still, there is a fair bit of space
devoted to the immanent, much of it relating to eschatology and history.

Hope that helps,
Paul Starr


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