Re: Poststructualism, ethics and values

thanks for your comments. It's now a while ago that I read Laclau, so could
you please provide the reference for the quote you gave? Thanks.
Besides that, I am curious to read what other people think about my
thoughts, i.e. especially people who do not come from an IR background. I've
got the feeling that the critical/postmodern IR debate has developed into a
relatively closed shop. It may well be that "we" are using Foucault (or
rather, the texts) in a way people from other disciplines would not endorse.

Another idea: Is it possible to view the idea of citizenship/nationality as
a practice of governmentality? I would argue that it works in a decentral,
localized way to put people into "their" place in a specifically "modern"
power structure. Has anyone any comments or references for that?

best wishes,

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