Re: Re: Foucault and Ethnography

On Mon, Apr 1, 1996 12:48:27 PM, Elizabeth Carol Britt wrote:

>While many of us in rhetoric
>and communication might study a text such as this statute from
>the standpoint of its rhetorical effectiveness (or the intention
>of the speaker, or its "meaning"), I am asking instead, what
>are the conditions of possibility that led to this statement
>about infertility rather than some other?


this sounds like a fascinating application of Foucault's analysis. There
is a woman named Robin Wagner-Pacifici who has something in the most recent
issue of "Symbolic Interaction", the official journal of the society for
the study of symbolic interaction (Jai Press, greenwich connecticut)
applying Foucault's discourse analysis to the phenomena of "standoffs",
(i.e. Waco, MOVE, etc). I saw her present this paper and I think it might
be useful.


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