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>>I have been on this list for over a year, and I was quite surprised to
>>receive any messages. I thought perhaps the list had died months ago. I'm
>>doing a critical theory course in english lit and we are doing Foucault
>>shortly. The disucssions would have come in handy.
>>On Fri, 8 Mar 1996, jln wrote:
>>> Atefeh,
>>> I have not seen that message before. As a matter of fact, your message is
>>> the only message I have seen on this list since I sgned up two weeks ago.
>>> JLN "The architectonic structure of the Kantian
>>> jlnich1@xxxxxxxxxxx system, like the gymnastic pyramids of
>>> Sade's orgies and the schematized
>>> principles of the early bourgeois
>>> freemasonry reveals an organization of
>>> life as a whole which is deprived of
>>> any substantial goal."
>>> from _The Dialectic of Enlightenment_
>I just get in the list I'm a mexican psyhoanalyst interested in Foucault's
>work. I've just finished a master degree in philosophy and my work refers to
>Foucault and Lacan.
>I'm surprised to see it seems this list has no messages.
>Does anyone of you know an small text by Foucault (or an interview to him)
>devoted to Lacan? I think it's title is "Lacan liberateur de la psychoanalyse"
>It's been impossible to me to find it in Mexico. Could somebody help me?
>Thanks in advance.
>P.S Sorry mi English is not very good...
>"Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto"
>Hector Escobar Sotomayor
>Revista Esceptica: Perspetivas Ufologicas
>Sociedad Mexicana para la Investigacion Esceptica
Hi Hector
If you take a look at the index in 'Dits et Ecrits: (published last
december) may be you'll have some chance.
Are you in Mexico now? What do the mexican intellectuals think of Foucault
as a theroretical reference for social changes? How much in
debating/analysing politics, do they refer and/or use Foucaldien theories?



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