Re: more pseudo defense of habermas

>> I can't see any way Habermas adds to the work of Horkheimer and esp.
>> Adorno on this. They took on the administered world decades before H.
>> >...
>Well, obviously you haven't read THE PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSES OF
>MODERNITY, specifically the chapter on DIALECTIC OF ENLIGHTENMENT

That or we read it and decided that Haby doesn't know what he's talking
about because he is using straw "people" arguments and doesn't really
address the issues,

JLN "The architectonic structure of the Kantian
jlnich1@xxxxxxxxxxx system, like the gymnastic pyramids of

Sade's orgies and the schematized
principles of the early bourgeois

freemasonry reveals an organization of
life as a whole which is deprived of
any substantial goal."
from _The Dialectic of Enlightenment_


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